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WDScott is a proven service provider for Government departments and agencies, and is on an extensive list of Procurement Panels including the:

  • Customs Consultancy and Business Services panel (mirrored with Department of Industry, Department of Social Services, Department of Infrastructure, Department of Finance, and others)
  • Defence Capability Acquisition and Sustainment - Support Services (CAS-SS) panel (formerly DMOSS panel)
  • Department of Agriculture ICT services panel
  • Department of Human Services (DHS) ICT panel
  • Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) engineering services panel
  • ACT Government specialist advisory services panel


WDScott is approved for the following services under the Consultancy and Business Services panel:

Category A: Management Consultancy

  • A.1. Management consultancy and business improvement services
  • A.2. Business facilitation services
  • A.3. Business process analysis
  • A.4. Measuring performance
  • A.5. Service level agreement and client service
  • A.6. Quality assurance services

Category B: Service Delivery

  • B.1. Project management services
  • B.2. Programme management services
  • B.3. Practice management services
  • B.4. Organisational framework and capability
  • B.5. Chance management advice
  • B.6. Procurement services

Category C: Corporate Governance

  • C.1. Corporate governance advice

Category D: Risk Management

  • D.1. Business continuity management services
  • D.2. Risk management services and training

Category E: Human Resources

  • E.1. Strategic HR issues


WDScott is also an Associate member of the Rapid Prototype Development and Evaluation (RPDE) program (www.rpde.org.au).


As a Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) member WDScott has had the opportunity to work on many projects with the Department of Defence and other national security organisations. Accordingly, many of our consultants have security clearances ranging from Baseline to Positive Vetting (Top Secret).


We understand the impacts of major changes to the public sector environment, including the Public Governance Performance and Accountability (PGPA) Act 2013, the 2014 National Commission of Audit, machinery of government changes, and the relentless drive for improvements to public sector efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.


WDScott has extensive experience in public sector portfolio, programme, and project management.  We have training, certifications, and practical experience in relevant UK Cabinet Office (formerly UK Office of Government Commerce) methodologies, including P3M3TM for maturity assessment, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) for programme management, Managing Benefits for benefits realisation, PRINCE2TM for project management, and P3O for implementing portfolio, programme, and project management offices (PMOs).


Our three core services offerings of Strategy and Operation Design, Process Excellence, and Business Intelligence and Analytics apply equally well to the public sector.  At WDScott, we take a collaborative approach when working with our clients and understand and are familiar with the challenges of working in the public sector. As such, we offer a flexible engagement model to provide the right people with the right skills at the right time to deliver a low-risk, high-quality, and value for money consulting service.


Starting Points

What are Starting Points?  Starting Points help our clients to achieve rapid results by drawing upon our wealth of experience with other Australian businesses, Government and NGOs.  Starting Points work because, although every problem is different and needs a targeted response, there is also a high degree of commonality for many of the problems faced.  WDScott’s Starting Points include proven, better practice models (sometimes called patterns) for:

  • Process Management and Improvement
  • Transformational Change
  • Service Management and Improvement
  • Call Centres and Contact Centres
  • Project Office or Business Improvement Office


We have Starting Points suitable for NGOs, Government (Local, State and Federal) and for several Industry sectors.


How do they work?  Starting Points include a mix of templates, tools and pre-worked materials that have been designed to provide a solid point from which a desired target state of operation may be discussed, offering significant benefits compared to starting with a blank page.  Workshops and senior level discussions are offered the benefit of lessons learned through our portfolio of previous work as well as fresh research coming from our links with a prominent business school.  Why reinvent a process when you can adapt one that is known to work well for others?


What are the typical results?  Starting Points typically allow a rapid progression from concept through to a finalised Target State of Operation or Target Operating Model, saving between 30% and 50% effort and generating sustainable results that are based on known better practices and providing a clearer focus on achieving strategic objectives.  A typical example was when WDScott helped a client remodel a critical HR Function with a Starting Point that met better than 70% of their needs.  This allowed a much clearer focus on optimising processes and business practices for the remaining 30% of their needs and achieving potential savings of $2-3 million a year.  WDScott delivered the complete engagement in six weeks, delivering comprehensive consultation, iterative process improvement and a full set of business requirements.