Personable, passionate and committed to achieving results


WDScott’s reputation is maintained through our policy of constant reinvention and recruitment, training and accreditation of new talent.

The people we seek will be effective in finding 'hands on' ways to get business results for clients.


They will typically have experience in process design, implementation and improvement. The methods, tools and techniques mastered may include business process management (BPM), business process re-engineering (BPR), business intelligence (BI), continuous improvement, Lean, Six Sigma, work measurement and change management. They may also include tools used in process automation and the link between process, IT and people.


They may also have experience in developing and implementing business and operational strategies, and planning programs that feature applications of the process tools and techniques listed above.


Most of our consultants and partners have multiple degrees and qualifications. We are interested in candidates with qualifications in commercial disciplines commonly associated with consulting. But we are also interested in candidates whose second or subsequent degree is outside the standard commerce syllabus: for example, the humanities. We seek diversity and people with broad life experience and interests.


If you are interested in our firm and believe you have strong qualifications through your field of study and practical experience, contact us now.