Working to deliver effective operation design and management

WDScott Strategic Design Method

The WDScott Strategic Design Method guides consultants through the client engagement, analytical, deliverable development, communications, transition planning, implementation and measurement activities involved in defining and moving to a Target Operating Model. 

The Method introduces a set of principles guiding effective operations design and management and defines a series of overarching steps. For each step the method introduces critical concepts, lists typical tasks, describes techniques, and illustrates standards for analysis, working papers and deliverables.


The WDScott Strategic Design Method includes extensive workshop material. This material is suitable both for WDScott and for client representatives, and introduces the method and features extensive illustrations. There is also a body of client “Strategic Design” deliverables across different industries available for reference by WDScott consultants. The method is structured to enable modular use and serves as a critical reference on all engagements, from diagnostic reviews through to major transformation programs.


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