Looking at the complete operations of an organisation

WDScott Logical Process Model

The WDScott Logical Process Model was originally developed during the late 1980s and early 1990s as a response to the limitations of some of the technology-centric, highly normalised hierarchical models in use at the time. 

Development and application of the model has continued over the intervening years. The Model provides a set of process definitions that cover the complete operations of an organisation:

  • Management processes that set direction
  • Core processes that constitute the value chains from a customer’s perspective
  • Support processes, and
  • The inter-linkages between these processes.


The standard model holds generic process definitions and definitions tailored to financial services operations. There are a number of “instances” of the model with tailored process inventories, definitions and visual representations. These provide practical reference points for WDScott consultants working with clients: in different industries (e.g. utilities, manufacturing, services, education, different sectors of financial services, regulatory operations); with different operating models (e.g. direct and intermediated); and with different levels of operational focus (e.g. whole-of-business or single unit such as Finance, IT, Shared Services).


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