Developing self-sufficient and confident client teams

WDScott Lean Operations Framework

The WDScott Lean Operations Framework provides a structure for planning, implementing and sustaining operational transformation programs, drawing on the principles, methods and tools of Lean.

The framework deploys the methods and models to build the case for Lean Transformation, to develop and prioritise the Lean transition program, and to build the internal Lean detailed planning and rollout capability. The framework then draws on standard Lean tools and methods and provides an implementation, learning, and methodological context for this extensive body of knowledge.


The WDScott Lean Operations Framework makes available for our clients:

  • Training modules
  • Case study illustrations
  • Sample work plans with detailed activity lists
  • Sample deliverables and standard deliverable formats
  • Illustrations of tool application, and
  • A database of empirical outcomes assembled from WDScott’s Lean implementation experience.


The WDScott Lean Operations Framework prescribes stage gates to ensure not only that deliverables are completed, but also that there has been an effective transfer of skills and learnings to the client team members. Our Lean Operations approach aims to develop the self-sufficiency and confidence of the client team, so that they can take on increasingly challenging improvement initiatives. 


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