An honest, independent assessment

Business Intelligence Rapid Assessment

We conduct Business Intelligence Rapid Assessments or health checks for clients when they are seeking an honest, independent assessment of their business intelligence capabilities. 

We may be approached to help clients at the start of a BI project, to help them identify the areas where BI can lift their business performance the most; we are also frequently called in to perform an in-flight assessment when our clients are part of the way through a BI project, as our independent recommendations can often help remedy issues before they become costly overruns.


The review typically covers the major dimensions of a project hygiene review along with the specific elements one would associate with a BI project:

  • Original business case assessment
  • Technical solution fit for purpose review
  • Assessment of requirements gathering process
  • Assessment of whether user experience considerations are built into overall design
  • Independent assessment of supporting technical architecture
  • Programme and project management capabilities
  • Adherence to agile principles
  • Appropriately skilled staff
  • Testing approach
  • Support / handover considerations