Intelligent insights for informed decision making


When we speak to our clients we are told that there are typically two types of business intelligence specialists. 

  • Those who are highly technically proficient at analytics, however they ‘don’t get’ the challenges the business is facing and fail to produce insights which can help drive real change; and
  • Those that have commercial ties to BI vendors, so they have a vested interest in the end solution from the very start. 


At WDScott, our clients tell us that we are different because, not only do we have the knowledge and sharp minds to uncover insights from data, we also take the time to understand their business challenges. This enables us to provide strategic advice and compelling business cases for change. Part of what makes us effective is that we use small, functional teams which usually comprise of experienced leaders and analytics SMEs. One of our genuine differentiators is our focus on client capability development, which ensures our clients have the requisite skills to continue the work once we are gone. 



We start with understanding the underlying business opportunities. Typically this involves developing a business intelligence strategy that supports organisational goals.


We use proven processes and methodologies to identify and consolidate the key information into a format which allows us to readily derive the right insights and informs decision-making.


We understand the importance of presenting intelligent insights in an intuitive way that informs decision-making for your managers. Furthermore, we focus on transferring our skills and supporting your team to leverage your technology to better effect.


We always tie our work to measurable business performance improvements, and pride ourselves on delivering a substantial return on your investment. We also typically leave a detailed roadmap of opportunities that can support both revenue generation and customer service performance improvement targets


We offer the following business intelligence and analytical services:


Methodologies and Frameworks

In the area of business intelligence and analytics, we draw on proven strategic and analytical frameworks (including our own proprietary processes), selected and tailored to meet your needs. These may include:


Group BI Strategy Review

Following a competitive request for proposal process (RFP) which included one of the largest consultancy firms in the world, WDScott was selected as the preferred partner to develop a group-wide BI strategy...



Group BI Strategy Review and Implementation

A financial services business was looking for a partner to support their move towards data driven decision making. They wanted to understand how they could develop their BI capabilities to support effective management decision making ...



Investment Management Decisions

Our client, a Large Healthcare Provider, retained the services of WDScott to discover: 1. Where money was being spent; 2. Whether it was in the right places; 3. Where the major project risks existed and; 4. A view of what investments it had committed to...