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WDScott 14-Dimensions Framework

The WDScott 14-Dimensions Framework provides a critical under-pinning of the Strategic Design Method.

The WDScott Framework sets out dimensions of organisational performance to be analysed in defining the current state and in developing future state performance targets and design elements. The framework identifies three sub-groupings of the dimensions:

  • The “why” dimensions, which capture the purpose, direction and key strategies of the organisation
  • The “what” dimension, which covers the various groups of logical processes carried out to achieve the purpose and deliver the strategies, and
  • The “how” dimensions, which define how these processes are (or should be) executed to achieve this purpose – through people and their competencies and culture, through enabling technology, and through physical structures.


The WDScott 14-Dimensions Framework, through various documents and workshop material, describes the dimensions, conveys the principles upon which the framework structure is based, and provides illustrations of how the framework should be applied. There are also many engagement-specific illustrations of the framework, which has been applied extensively by WDScott to build baselines, conduct diagnostic reviews and structure Target Operating Models.


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