Direct access to a dedicated, highly experienced principal

Our Difference

For over 75 years, clients have chosen to partner with WDScott because of our outstanding record of success helping organisations achieve operational excellence, which for us means making a substantial difference to the effectiveness and operating efficiency of the organisations we work with.


We believe we are different from many consultancies through the specialisation of our core work, through the experience of our dedicated engagement leaders, through our ability to leverage resources by collaboration and building client capabilities, and through our client-centric independence and objectivity.


Our core team retains a specialist focus in three practice areas – strategy and operation design, process excellence and business intelligence and analytics. We integrate these practice areas through a common set of methods, models and tools. We also maintain links with specialists – contractors and business partners – according to the particular challenges of the client engagement.


Our team is led by a highly experienced consultant who takes an active role in delivering the services. The team that promotes the work also executes the work, and we guarantee that our clients will have personal and direct access to a principal through the life of the project. This continuity and senior-level involvement is rarely matched by larger firms.


When implementation requires more leveraged teams we typically take an approach to this challenge is that is effective, sustainable and cost-efficient for our client. This approach is to retain the continuity of the team that led the design, leverage their resources by building and deploying the capabilities of the client, and enlarge the team where required through collaboration with accredited parties. Our case studies feature examples where we have achieved significant impact for large, global clients through the services of a small core team.


We also – in contrast particularly to large consulting firms – retain our independence from specific technology solutions. We are experienced in working with a range of these solutions, including those offered by some of our business partners, but our starting point – our methodologies, process models and frameworks – always put the purpose and needs of the client organisation first. 

All organisations strive for operational excellence. Independent of lifecycle stage and the priority changes they seek to make, success requires focus on three essential elements – the Strategic Intent (Purpose), the Operations of the organisation (Processes) and the Workforce (People). WDScott helps organisations align these essential elements for sustained success. We believe clear purpose + aligned processes + engaged people, underpinned by intelligent insights = optimised performance.


Many organisations do not have a clear direction that supports resource allocation decisions and is linked to a shared view of how operations will need to look in the future. The direction may be stated but require interpretation, or it may be stated at too high a level to support decision-making and operational planning.


We help organisations clarify – sometimes reinvent – their purpose and to develop a compelling vision and strategy that provides the foundation for growth.


We work with the management team to answer such questions as:


  • Why does the organisation exist: what are its goals and how are they to be measured?
  • What are the value proposition and how are these positioned to customer segments?
  • How is the organisation currently performing versus peers? What are the challenges of the external environment?
  • What improvements beyond baseline performance are required for the strategy to be successful?
  • What information and insights are required to inform decision-making?


A confirmed definition of purpose provides the foundation for the next key element: process.


The key to attaining operational excellence lies in the design and performance of processes in service of the confirmed purpose and direction of the organisation. We draw on proven models and frameworks to assess current processes and to design for the future. Our approach is to look at the organisation first from the customer’s point of view, identifying the value chains of the business and the inter-relationships between management, core and support processes. We then map the current structures, resourcing and cost to this process-oriented view.


Our process models and frameworks are designed to be tailored to the needs of the client, including their industry and operational configuration. We provide a range of industry-tailored versions based on years of tailoring the standard model for different clients.


Whether our clients seek efficiency improvements, a step-change in customer service and differentiation, or organisational transformation, the process element will be critical and our approach is designed to deliver the targeted results.


We understand the power of effective engagement, and for us this means having consultants who are approachable and personable as well as highly effective. Our consultants work in collaboration with client senior management and internal teams to help improve the workforce productivity and enhance levels of engagement and buy-in across the organisation.


We focus our time, energy and resources on what matters most, which is delivering results and empowering client teams to implement and sustain meaningful change. To this end, we mentor, coach and transfer our skills to develop high performing internal teams, so our client retains a sustainable internal capability that will continue to produce results without us. 


Our approach to the elements of purpose, process, and people is underpinned by intelligent insights.


Our approach is to combine an objective analysis of the present and past (hindsight) with the broad base experience of our consultants and our research connections to form views about the future (foresight): these in combination lead to insight and ultimately to action.


Our consultants are experienced in building the quantitative and qualitative factbase to support change engagements. We use a range of tools that aid in the analysis and visualisation of data, and in doing so we take a practical and applied approach. That is, we link our analytical work to the drivers of value in the organisation and its strategy. We also are experienced in helping clients build their internal insight and analysis capabilities.  


We link purpose, process, people and insight ultimately to deliver strengthened performance for our clients and a strong return on investment. Depending on their goals this could mean enhancements to customer experience, streamlining and removing process waste, achieving a step change reduction in unit costs, launching effective new services or other offerings, increasing profitability, or improving employee engagement. With the right approach these changes can be positively correlated so that a successful engagement improves performance along multiple dimensions.


Our clients testify to the levels of performance improvement they have achieved through working with us.


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Peta Guy

Managing Partner

Peta’s experience spans programme and project management, audit assurance, business change adoption, stakeholder engagement, training, and strategic communication…

Lewis Rentschler


Lewis leads the Strategy & Operation Design service line. He specialises in the design and planning of business operations and improvement programs...

John Paul


John has over 30 years of consulting experience in leading, managing and developing consulting companies...

Jon Meyers

Associate Partner

Jon leads the Process Excellence service line. Jon is a process improvement specialist with extensive experience in Lean management and continuous improvement...