Process Management and Performance Improvement Capability

A General Insurance Company


2008 - 2013


Our client is a leading personal lines insurer whose performance has consistently outstripped its peers over the past 5 years, based on industry benchmarking. Over that period, the organisation has undertaken a comprehensive transformational journey, and WDScott has been a driver at each stage in that journey.




The overall transformational journey has involved four discrete steps:

  1. Formulate high level strategic vision and direction, mission and values
  2. Undertake a top down organisational and operational review to better understand the business in terms of its operational costs and capabilities, and the opportunities for operational optimisation and the associated costs and benefits. Develop the business case for board approval.
  3. Develop a rolling 5 year strategic plan with associated objectives and strategies to realise the strategic vision and goals.
  4. Deliver the identified benefits through the introduction of Process Excellence practices supported by an internal Performance Improvement office (PIO) which subsequently led to the adoption of Continuous Improvement and Lean Operations philosophies across the business (This transformation methodology is now being adopted across the organisations broader Group of companies). 




Over the six year period, WDScott provided our client with project specific support as well as advice and support in the establishment and ongoing operation of the Performance Improvement Office (PIO). The total investment made by our client was in the order of $2.2 million for a benefit over the same period of $17 million, the vast majority of which is recurring.


WDScott has transferred skills and knowledge to our client over the past six years. This is most evident in the ongoing work of the PIO. This PIO team, which numbers approximately 25 staff members, has added significant value to the Insurance division and has now also expanded their scope to wider Group activities.

"WDScott provided us with a real world focus that generated immediate benefits through systems that we have now integrated into our business as usual operations. A repeatable process of 'measure, coach and improve' has generated simplified systems and successfully driven staff satisfaction, ultimately leading to a genuine Operational Excellence outcome for our members."
Chief Executive Officer


John Paul


Jon Meyers

Associate Partner

Lewis Rentschler