Enterprise Business Management System

Federal Government Department


2012 to 2014


A Federal Government Department required a major upgrade to their personnel management program. The reform program included the provision of technology solutions, business analysis, process improvement, change management, and training to support current and transformed HR functions. The project was complex, incorporating:

  • 92 workshops
  • Across 5 HR business streams
  • 321 business processes
  • 321 business definition documents.


The project focused on the elements involved in Enterprise Business Management Systems (EBMS), with the objective being to create an enterprise system that empowered HR business process owners, provided a central repository of process models, and retained HR process knowledge. 


The overall scope of the project included the design, implementation, and operation of the EBMS, as well as skills transfer for the HR process owners in the Federal Government Department.




The business process improvement services provided in the project incorporated the key elements of design, operation, and skills transfer. Design aspects included the design of HR Standards, business reform initiatives, stakeholder engagement communication, management reporting and the establishment of the EBMS. Operation aspects included system enhancements, productivity enhancements and the production of reports such as cost benefit, return on investment and pay back. Finally, the skills transfer aspects included training, empowering, and adoption of new methodologies and procedures. 




The EBMS went live in 2013, and is currently in use by the Government Department to manage HR business processes for thousands of staff. 


The system provides improved policy, reporting, and analytics for pay, personnel administration, performance management, recruitment, workforce planning, career management, education and training.


The EBMS project was complex, incorporating 92 workshops, across 5 HR business streams, 321 business processes and 321 business definition documents.


Peta Guy

Managing Partner